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Welcome to the Inspired-Lua Wiki, the place to know everything about Lua programming on the TI-Nspire!

Please note that the wiki is not finished yet. However, it is constantly-updated.

If you wish to see an example the documentation's structure, please read a fully-documented part such as the image category, or "gc:drawString", from the gc category.


Lua-logo.gif Standard Library The standard Lua functions
Timer-icon.gif Timer The integrated timer

Events Platform Events
Graphical context Draw object to the screen with gc
Platform Get and manage platform information
Image The image library
Rtf icon.png D2Editor A rich text editor
Locale.png Locale Get Locale information
Clipboard-Paste-icon.png Clipboard Add and get text from the clipboard
File.png Var Manage files in the local document
Document Set global document flags
Tool Palette An easy to manage menu