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setFont is a function that is part of gc.

Sets the font for drawing text and measuring text size.

When you call this function, a string containing the previously used font is also returned. (See example)

This has been introduced in TI-Nspire OS 3.0 (Changes).


gc:setFont(family, style, size)

Parameter Type Description
string the font's name : "serif" or "sansserif"
string "r" for regular, "i" for italic, "b" for bold, "bi" for bold & italic
number a number (decimals are OK) from 6 to 255


previousFont = gc:setFont("serif","bi",12) -- sets the font to Serif, Bold & Italic, Size 12. It also sets the name of the previous font (the one used before this function) in the variable 'previousFont'