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string.uchar is a function that is part of the Extended Standard Library.

Unicode characters may be included in strings by encoding them in UTF-8. This routine converts one or more Unicode character numbers into a UTF-8 string.

This has been introduced in TI-Nspire OS 3.0 (Changes).


string.uchar(ChNum[, ...])

Parameter Type Description
number The Unicode number of the character to display
numbers The Unicode numbers of the characters to display (comma-seperated)


a_acute = string.uchar(225)
a_circ  = string.uchar(226) -- â
a_tilde = string.uchar(227) -- ã
a_diaer = string.uchar(228)
a_ring  = string.uchar(229)
e_acute = string.uchar(233) -- é
e_grave = string.uchar(232) -- è
o_acute = string.uchar(243) 
o_circ  = string.uchar(244) -- ô
alpha = string.uchar(945)
beta= string.uchar(946)
sup_plus = string.uchar(8314)
sup_minus = string.uchar(8315)
right_arrow = string.uchar(8594)

A unicode numbers table can be found here :