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Welcome to the Inspired-Lua Wiki, the place to know everything about Lua programming on the TI-Nspire!

Please note that the wiki is not finished yet. However, it is constantly-updated.

If you wish to see an example the documentation's structure, please read a fully-documented part such as the image category, or "gc:drawString", from the gc category.


Lua-logo.gif Standard Library The standard Lua functions
Lua-logo.gif Extended Standard Library Some functions that TI added to the standard Lua library
Timer-icon.gif Timer The integrated timer

Events Platform Events
Graphical context Draw object to the screen with gc
Platform Get and manage platform information
Image The image library
Rtf icon.png D2Editor A rich text editor
Locale.png Locale Get Locale information
Clipboard-Paste-icon.png Clipboard Add and get text from the clipboard
File.png Var Manage files in the local document
Document Set global document flags
Tool Palette An easy to manage menu
Cursor Change or hide the cursor