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toolpalette.register is a function that is part of the toolpalette.

toolpalette.register may be called once in the top level flow of the script app. Once registered, the tool palette is managed automatically by the Nspire framework.
When the user chooses an item from a toolbox, the associated function is called with two parameters: the name of the toolbox and the name of the menu item.

This has been introduced in TI-Nspire OS 3.0 (Changes).



Parameter Type Description
(multi-level)-table Table describing the name of each tool box, the menus that appear in each tool box, and the function to call when the user invokes the menu item


The script app uses this routine to register its tool palette with the Nspire framework.

function setDec()
-- All your functions defined in the menu --
menu = {
    {"Analysis",                          -- Tool box "Mode"
       {"Decimal", setDec},           -- Menu item "Decimal" calls function setDec()
       {"Hexadecimal", setHex},
       {"Octal", setOct},
       {"Binary", setBin},
       "-",                           -- Section divider
       {"Signed", setSigned},
       {"Unsigned", setUnsigned},
       {"And", binopAnd},
       {"Or", binopOr},
       {"XOr", binopXor},
       {"Not", unopNot},

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