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var.makeNumericList is a function that is part of the Var library.

Creates a list in the symbol table with the given name.
The list is optimized to hold numeric values.Routines var.storeAt and var.recallAt operate much more efficiently on lists that are created with this function.

This has been introduced in TI-Nspire OS 3.2 (Changes).



Parameter Type Description
string name of the variable to create


var.makeNumericList("myList") -- myList will get created as a list variable

Good to know

This function cannot be used to create a numeric matrix. Routines var.recallAt and var.storeAt will work with matrices but only if they are created by some other means ( :"mat", {{1,2}, {3,4}}) -- create matrix mat in the symbol table
var.storeAt("mat", 13.3, 1, 1) -- puts the number 13.1 into the field 1,1 of the matrix
val = var.recallAt("mat", 1, 1) -- grab it back in lua

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