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Quick Overview

  • platform.gc : Returns a dummy graphics context used in specific conditions. Doesn't exist anymore in 3.2+ (see withGC below)
  • platform.isColorDisplay() : Returns true if the display of the host platform is color-capable (Nspire CX and emulator). Returns false if the display is grayscale (Nspire non-CX).
  • platform.isDeviceModeRendering() : Returns true if the script is running on the hand-held device or in the emulator (with the calculator view), and false if the script is running in the normal view of the emulator.
  • platform.isTabletModeRendering() : Returns true if the script is running on a tablet device (iPad app) and false otherwise.
  • platform.window : Returns the window object currently owned by the script application. The window object contains several other methods.
  • platform.withGC(...) : executes a function which a passed dummy gc.
  • platform.registerErrorHandler(...) : A global error handler for the lua script.
  • platform.hw() : returns a number corresponding to the type of device the script is running on.


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