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Welcome to the Inspired-Lua Wiki, the one place to know everything about Lua programming on the TI-Nspire!

This wiki is not official but is considered as a great source of information.
It takes official information from TI's pdf documentation but explains things further and with more details and examples.

News : TI released on June, 7th 2012 the TI-Nspire OS 3.2, which improves the Lua API. You can see what's changed here.
News : When TI released its TI-Nspire iPad applications, they came with OS 3.4, in which the Lua API got updated a bit.

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Lua-logo.gif Standard Library The standard Lua functions
Lua-logo.gif Extended Standard Library Some functions that TI added to the standard Lua library
Timer-icon.gif Timer The integrated timer
Logo1-icon.png Events Platform Events
Logo1-icon.png Graphical context Draw object to the screen with gc
Logo1-icon.png Platform Get and manage platform information
Logo1-icon.png Image The image library
Logo1-icon.png Physics A Physics Engine !
Rtf icon.png D2Editor A rich text editor
Locale.png Locale Get Locale information
Clipboard-Paste-icon.png Clipboard Add and get text from the clipboard
File.png Var Manage files in the local document
Logo1-icon.png Document Set global document flags
Logo1-icon.png Tool Palette An easy to manage menu
Logo1-icon.png Cursor Change or hide the cursor